Design Services

Schoos Design has created some of the most successful and visually stunning restaurants, nightclubs and hotels in the U.S. and around the world, winning numerous awards and being featured in major publications like Architectural Digest, Interiors, Luxe and Hospitality Design. We are experienced in all facets of hospitality design and branding. Furthermore, we understand how to facilitate the process of creating a high quality product on time, to specifications, and within a reasonable budget. But more importantly, the final product is guaranteed to be the type of dramatic, unique space that will inspire notice and attract customers.

Our services include:

Consultation & Research
Consultation in the Schoos Design Studio
Schoos Design Studio

Each project has a unique owner, a unique location, a unique target audience and unique possibilities.  At Schoos, we never take a generic approach. The process always begins with taking the time to thoroughly know the space, expectations, intent and end operations for the project. 


We then research the technical requirements and limitations, the market, the competition and the location.  Only then can the creative process begin in a free and productive way. 


For new businesses or clients in need of a brand refresh, this is also the phase in which business consulting and branding services may begin. The beauty of using the same design firm for both interior design and branding is that your company's physical design and corporate image will be consistent, creating a convincing message for the public. For more information, please visit our Branding Services section.

Concept Design
Vibe Board for Mumbai restaurant
Example of a Vibe Board

With all the information gathered in step one, the creative process begins. This is the mysterious part of design.  This is where insight meets imagination to develop a unique concept; a vision that will guide the rest of the project.  If branding services are needed, this is when our concepts for the restaurant identity also take shape.


As the progress unfolds, ideas and information are presented to the client in a variety of formats.  Usually this includes:

  • Concept drawings of the space,
  • Concept drawings of the branding, including the name, logo and collateral materials,
  • “Vibe boards” in which inspirational photographs or physical materials and textures are assembled for presentation,
  • Project requirements and budget,
  • Preliminary scheduling, and
  • Initial discussions with contracted consultants.
Schematic Design
3D Computer Rendering for the Atrium Suites, Las Vegas
3D Rendering Sample

In this phase, planning becomes more specific.  Typically this will include:

  • Further development and refinement of floorplans, layouts and illustrations
  • Further development of branding materials
  • Schematic studies showing technical requirements and details
  • Providing images and samples of proposed finishes, materials and furnishings
  • Coordination with technical trades and engineers
  • In some cases, if desired, 3D renderings may be created showing photorealistic images of the finished concept
Branding and Graphic Design
Presentation board showing branding concepts for Bottega Americano restaurant in San Diego
Restaurant Branding Presentation

Schoos Design’s branding specialists have provided identity systems, marketing consultation and graphic collateral to many of our interior design clients such as Bottega Americano, Morimoto Restaurants, Beach Nation, Ludwig Biergarten, and Café Bravo Coffee Roasters. The intrinsic advantage of having the same creative source behind both interior design and branding is the consistency of form, function and philosophy that creates a compelling image and drives the brand forward.


Please see out Branding and Business Consulting section for more information.

Design Development

This is the phase in which final technical drawings and specifications are produced showing architectural details, floor plan layouts, furniture plans, furnishings, finishes and selection of all furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Bidding, Negotiating & Purchasing

Schoos has extensive experience in dealing with vendors and contractors to secure the best value while maintaining strict adherence to quality standards and the design intent. Likewise, our staff can handle purchasing of furniture, fixtures and equipment to guarantee the highest quality and timely delivery.

Construction Administration
Thomas directs installation at Herringbone Los Angeles
Installation at Herringbone

During the construction process, the Schoos design team will make periodic site visits to review and approve finals shop drawings, provide clarification and ensure that the design intent is being met.  Upon project completion, Schoos works with the general contractor to develop “punch lists” of items that need correction or refinement.

Custom Furniture and Fixture Design
Custom chairs created for the Huntley Hotel Penthouse Restaurant in Santa Monica
Custom Furniture Example

If desired, Schoos can provide original designs for custom furniture pieces, built-in fixtures and other elements, as we have done for many clients, both residential and commercial. This guarantees that the furnishings in a space are perfectly coordinated and completely unique.  Furniture construction is also available.  


If a unique new creation is not possible, another option is to choose from among the many original furniture and accessory designs available through our Schoos Night showroom. 


The chair seen at right is a custom design for the Huntley Penthouse Restaurant in Santa Monica, CA.

Custom Exterior Design
Sketch for redesign of Venetian Hotel pool as Tao Beach
Exterior design sketch

Schoos Design is also known for dramatic gardens and outdoor spaces.  For instance, Tao Beach in Las Vegas is a hugely successful nightclub that required transformation of the Venetian hotel’s pool area into an outdoor party space. This outdoor nightclub concept began the Las Vegas pool party trend that continues to this day. (See the Portfolio for more pictures of Tao Beach.)


Another dramatic example is the quarter-acre private garden behind our West Hollywood offices with its koi pond, palapas, gazebos, outdoor kitchen and exotic bird cages.  Please ask for a tour if you are interested in a dramatic exterior space for your restaurant or nightclub.

Original Art and Art Curation Services
Thomas Schoos with one of his paintings on display in the Parkview Green complex in Beijing
Painting by Thomas Schoos

Besides being a celebrity designer, Thomas Schoos is a well-known painter and visual artist who continues to create original works for many of our clients and outside galleries. Besides these original pieces, Schoos Design also curates works by various artists for projects we design or manage.  These resources can also be put to use to find original works for your hotel, restaurant or nightclub.


At right is one of Thomas' abstract paintings on display in the Parkview Green complex in Beijing, China.  Thomas also works in realism and is currently involved in a series of paintings featuring endangered species, to bring awareness to the need for conservation.